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Medical Residency Application Services

Why Do You Need a Residency Application Service?

Medical residency applications are nearly all done through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and will be awarded through the Match (NRMP – National Residency Matching Program). However, there are more than 40 thousand applicants that will be chasing just 30 thousand places each year. So if you want to be sure of gaining a place you have to ensure that the application that you make is capable of getting you noticed.

Achieving the required standard however is never going to be easy as you will be competing against many other highly qualified and talented applicants. This is why it is often best to turn to a professional service such as ours for help to give you an edge over your competition. Our services can help you with all aspects of your application such as:

Residency Personal Statement Writing Service

medical residency personal statementNot every applicant is aware of the value of having a perfectly written personal statement. Many applicants are going to be similarly qualified to you and often the only way that you have to make yourself stand out from them will be your personal statement. If you can manage to write a personal statement that is highly engaging and able to show that you are perfectly suited for the program then you may get selected over someone who has not put in as much work as you into your statement. Our services can provide you with all of the professional support that you need to craft a highly customized and targeted personal statement that is going to get you noticed.

Medical Residency Personal Statement Editing and Proofreading

residency application serviceNot everyone will want help with writing their personal statement; however, you do still need to ensure that your statement is the best that it can be. Our editors and proofreaders are formally certified and very experienced as to what the committee will be looking to see. They can work through your statement methodically and help to make improvements to your personal statement that are going to ensure that your application is going to stand out.

Letter of Recommendation (LoR) Writing

residency application service onlineAnother vital part of your application are your letters of recommendation. These if well written can make a huge impact on your chances of selection. Many of your recommenders will ask you to write a letter for them and will then endorse it as if written by them. Our experts know precisely how to structure and write an LoR so that it will boost your chances of being accepted onto the programs that you are applying to.

Interview Coaching

residency personal statement writing serviceYou will apply for programs through ERAS and the individual programs will then use your residency application documentation, like a residency application CV, to decide who should be selected for an interview. Our experts can work with you to provide you with likely interview questions that you may be asked for the programs that you are being interviewed for. They can also provide you with one on one interview practice so that you can improve your confidence in an interview situation.

Feel free to contact our residency application service here today, if you are looking for reliable and affordable support just!