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Emergency Medicine Residency Personal Statement Help

Registering and Submitting the ERAS Residency Application

The first step in the residency application process is registering with ERAS and submitting your documents. The following documents make up the emergency medical residency application package:

  • Curriculum Vitae: Although your CV isn’t required as part of the application the information it includes will be needed to complete the ERAS online application so it is recommended you have it with you.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Most residency programs require a minimum of three letters of recommendation. ERAS allows you to store an unlimited number of letters and to designate different letters for each program. However, you are limited to four letters to any individual program. Potential letter writers may be attending physicians from third- or fourth-year rotations, department chairs, program directors, research collaborators, deans, and faculty with whom you worked in extracurricular activities. Letter authors upload their letters to the ERAS system.
  • Medical school transcripts
  • COMLEX/USMLE transcripts-test scores
  • The Medical Student Performance Evaluation: The MSPE details your academic history and performance through the three full years of medical school you have completed and, as much of your fourth year as possible. Your student affairs dean in collaboration with other faculty members provides the bulk of the writing which also includes an assessment of your professional attributes.
  • Emergency Medicine Personal Statement: Your personal statement is an opportunity to make a case for acceptance into your speciality. Describe specific experiences that helped develop your commitment, and create a personal picture so reviewers will want to meet you. Some programs may ask you to address specific questions in your personal statement.

Documents don’t need to be submitted all at the same time.

help writing emergency medicine residency personal statement

The Interview Process

emergency medicine residency applicationThe second step in the application process is interviewing with programs. The interview is a very important factor in the evaluation process as it gives program directors an opportunity to assess how well you would fit into their program. It is also your chance to determine whether the program meets your goals and expectations. Once you send your application and supporting materials to your chosen programs, the interview process begins.

Match Registration

emergency medicine residency personal statementStep three is registering for one or more matches at the beginning of your fourth year of medical school. Most medical students use the NRMP (National Resident Matching Program). You will need to submit a list of programs, ranked in order of preference, to the match program after you’ve registered and completed your interviews. Program directors will submit their rank order list (ROL) of applicants to the appropriate match programs. A computer algorithm matches applicants to the highest program on their list that has, in turn, ranked the applicant. After that, it is just a matter of waiting for match announcements.

Emergency Medicine Residency Sample Personal Statement

The following best residency personal statement can be used as a writing guide.

“From almost the first day of medical school, I looked forward to clinical rotations. Most of my classmates seemed to have settled on a speciality when they were in kindergarten. I had the feeling I was absent on the day everybody else received their “calling” but I would remedy that during clinical rotations. However, I was somewhat dismayed to find I enjoyed certain aspects of all my rotations. That changed my first day in the Emergency Department. I was enamoured with everything about it. The fast-paced atmosphere had me feeling somewhat anxious initially but there wasn’t enough time to waste being worried for long. The variety of patients and diversity of cases that are seen over one shift made the time fly by. Not as in the “time flies when you’re having fun” way but in that my mind and skills were being constantly challenged. I can’t say that I conquered every challenge that day, but it created the desire within me to be able to.A good knowledge base in a wide variety of medical specialities is important in Emergency Medicine as are strong diagnostic skills. It is both a challenge and a responsibility to evaluate and treat patients with such a variety of problems. Not only is the patient’s physical well-being your responsibility, but you must also be aware of their mental state. There is no choosing your patients in Emergency Medicine. You treat everybody placed in front of you to the best of your ability. This aspect of the speciality is perhaps what appeals to me most.

Every medical speciality is worthwhile and I don’t feel one is more important than another. Emergency Medicine is where I feel my skills are best suited. I am fairly well rounded in all of the areas I have been exposed to but am far from the complete Emergency Medicine doctor I want to be. I enjoy learning and am not adverse to hard work in the pursuit of furthering my knowledge. Tenacity and enthusiasm are two of my most defining characteristics and I will bring both with me if accepted into your Emergency Medicine residency program.”

Our Emergency Medicine Residency Personal Statement Help Can Improve Your Chances

We offer help with personal statements for emergency medicine residency in a number of different ways. Personal statement reviews, critiques and editing services are available. Writing advice and samples of personal statements are provided so you can see one approach to personal statement writing.

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