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Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement Help

Your personal statement is an important part of the orthopedic residency application package. It is your one chance to directly influence the residency selection process. Program directors and selection boards use residency personal statements to determine applicants’ commitment and qualifications for programs through information not included in other documents.

Documents Included in the Residency Application Process

There are a number of documents necessary for any medical residency application and you will be responsible for getting them together even if you don’t submit them directly yourself. These include:

  • Letters of Recommendation: Usually residency programs require three letters of recommendation. Letter writers may be attending physicians from third- or fourth-year rotations, department chairs, program directors, research collaborators, deans, and faculty with whom you worked in extracurricular activities. Letter authors should upload their letters to the ERAS system.
  • Medical school transcripts
  • COMLEX/USMLE transcripts-test scores
  • The Medical Student Performance Evaluation: Also known as a “Dean’s letter” the MSPE details your academic history and performance and also includes an assessment of your professional attributes. Usually, schools provide students with an opportunity to review their MSPE for accuracy.
  • Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement: You only need one but the ERAS system does allow you to submit more if you want to customize your personal statement for each residency program you are applying to. You are very welcome to check our great collection of medical residency personal statement examples.
  • The ERAS residency application form: This is filled out online. It is recommended you keep an updated CV on hand as it will contain much of the information required to complete the ERAS application.

orthopedic residency personal statement writing help

Orthopaedic Residency Application Process

There are many things to do for residency application. The basic phases of the process are:

  • Register with the AAMC’s Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)
  • ERAS Application Submission: Submit the required documents on the MyERAS website. Ensure documents that others will submit on your behalf are there as well. It isn’t necessary for all documents to be submitted at one time. When all documents are submitted ERAS sends your application to the residency programs you indicated.
  • Interview Process: Residency programs for pathology will begin to schedule interviews with students they are interested in after applications are received. Interviews allow programs to assess applicants and give students the opportunity to determine if the program fits their needs.
  • Register for a Match: The majority of medical students use the NRMP (National Resident Matching Program). There are other match programs. Check with individual residency programs to see which they are involved with. After completing all of your interviews submit a list of programs you are interested in, ranked in order of preference, to the match program. Residency program directors will submit their rank order list (ROL) of applicants to the appropriate match programs. A computer algorithm matches applicants to the highest program on their list that has, in turn, ranked the applicant.
  • Wait for match results

Our Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement Help Services

orthopedic residency personal statementOur company provides services to assist you in submitting the best possible orthopaedic personal statement. Services we offer include personal statement editing, reviewing and writing. We also offer writing advice and personal statements for orthopaedic residency samples that can be reviewed and used as guides by applicants for their own. Here is a personal statement sample for orthopaedics application:

Orthopedic Personal Statement Sample

To get inspired feel free to use the best residency personal statement for your guidance.

“My interest in orthopaedics began my senior year in high school. My next-door neighbour and best friend Steve was the school’s star athlete while I was kind of an academic nerd. I doubt Steve opened a book since he was a freshman. He didn’t have to because he was going to pass as long as he could play. He had scholarship offers from a number of schools in two sports but in a pick-up game of basketball injured his knee pretty severely. I tagged along with him to rehab the knee which was just as well for both of us. I made it my responsibility to learn everything I could from Steve’s orthopaedic doctor. I already knew law school or medical school was in my future. My decision to attend medical school wasn’t because Steve’s knee was healed since it turned out not to be a severe injury. It was due to the doctor who entertained my incessant questioning. Nothing in medical school happened to change my mind. Although I enjoyed several of my other clinical rotations I always felt that orthopaedics was where my future lay. This was probably due in part to reading everything I could find on the subject since that first day with my friend in rehab. However, it is not a whim that I feel compelled to live out but a genuine interest in the field. When I develop an interest I learn all I can about it and I am not prone to passing fancies. I believe my interest will be life long and I hope to make my own contributions to the field.

My future plans are to continue my studies either in orthopaedic surgery of the spine or orthopaedic trauma although I could encounter something that would send me in a different direction during my residency which I would greatly desire to do in your program. I believe I can be a credit to your orthopaedic program if given the opportunity and am looking forward to the challenge.”

First Rate Residency Application Help

orthopedic residencyOur assistance doesn’t stop at personal statement help for residency application. We can also provide help with letters of recommendation, letters of intent and resumes for residency application. The writers we use have masters and PhDs in fields related to the residency program they provide assistance with and are experts in the residency application process.

orthopedic residency application process

Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantees of full customer satisfaction and on-time delivery with all work we provide
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