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Surgery Residency Personal Statement Help

Documents Needed When Applying for Residency Programs

There are many documents to submit for a medical residency application and it is a good idea to start getting them together as early as possible rather than having to rush at the last minute.

The documents needed for ERAS residency application include:

  • Curriculum Vitae: A CV isn’t required as part of the application. However much of the information it contains will be needed to complete the ERAS application so it is recommended you have an updated CV with you when filling out the ERAS application form.
  • Medical school transcripts
  • COMLEX/USMLE transcripts-test scores
  • Letters of Recommendation: Most residency programs require a minimum of three letters of recommendation. ERAS allows you to store as many letters as you like but allows you to send no more than four to any individual program. Your letter writers should upload their letters to the ERAS system but it is up to you to see that they do.
  • The Medical Student Performance Evaluation: The MSPE details your academic history and performance in medical school. It is sometimes referred to as the Deans letter as it is written mostly by your student affairs dean although other faculty members will have some input. The MSPE also includes an assessment of your professional attributes.
  • Surgery Personal Statement: Your personal statement is the best chance you have to directly influence the selection process at this stage. The information in other documents is already set or will be contributed by somebody else. Selection committees use personal statements to determine applicants’ commitment to pursuing a specialty and their suitability for the field. In some cases, your personal statement could be the deciding factor in whether or not you are accepted into a program.

List of top surgery residency programs:

surgery residency personal statement help

The Surgery Residency Application Process

There is a process for applying to surgery programs that virtually all schools adhere to. Almost all residency program applications are made through ERAS which keeps the process consistent across schools. The general steps in the process are as follows:

  • Register with AAMC’s Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).
  • Submit your application materials on the MyERAS website
  • Complete the interview process: After Surgery programs receive applications they begin to schedule interviews with those students they are interested in. Program directors like to assess students to determine how good a fit they are for the program. Students also have a chance to see if the program meets their needs as well.
  • Register for a Match: Register with the NRMP (National Resident Matching Program). After completing all of your interviews submit a list of programs, ranked in order of preference, to the match program. Program directors will submit their rank order list (ROL) of applicants to the appropriate match programs. A computer algorithm matches applicants to the highest program on their list that has, in turn, ranked the applicant.
  • Wait for match results

Get Help with Your Surgery Residency Personal Statement

surgery residency personal statementAlthough it is a relatively short document your residency personal statement carries a substantial amount of weight in the application process. A well done personal statement takes time and effort to develop and medical school students have very little of either to spare.

Our company offers assistance with residency personal statement. Services include personal statement editing, writing and reviewing. We also provide professionally written surgery personal statement samples that students can review and use as a writing guide. Here is a personal statement sample for surgery residency and best surgery residency programs.

Sample Personal Statement for Surgery Residency

“I approached medical school with the idea of becoming a doctor but gave little thought to a specialty. Somewhere in the back of my mind I probably had a picture of myself as a family doctor dispensing medicine and advice. The last specialty that I would have considered would have been surgery. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t be surprised. I grew up on a farm and like many small farmers, we could only afford veterinarian services in the most extreme circumstances. Lancing boils, making steer calves out of bull calves and any number of animal doctoring duties didn’t teach me much about human surgery. It did pretty much eliminate any squeamish tendencies I may have had as well and taught me not to be overly tentative once a decision had been made that required cutting.By no means do some minor operations on pigs and cattle equate to surgery on a human being and I feel I have as much to learn as anybody. What I found gratifying was the sometimes instant relief that surgery can provide to patients. The relatively fast results seem almost miraculous at times. I do realize this won’t always be the case and am also very aware of the harm I could do. The realization that I “fixed” something on a living person that was broken was a heady sensation despite the fact it was in fact very minor. However, it was tempered with the realization that a mistake would have much more serious consequences than any I made on farm animals.

I believe I have developed a solid set of skills that will serve as a good base to build on. There is much for me to learn before I will be a competent surgeon which is what I aspire to be. I believe I have it within me to achieve my goal with the proper training which I hope to gain through your Surgery residency program.”

Best Residency Application Help

surgery personal statementOur service provides more than personal statement help for residency application. We can also assist with letters of recommendation, letters of intent and resumes. The writers we use have masters and PhDs in fields related to those they provide assistance with and are experts in the residency application process.

Additional benefits of using our medical residency help include:

  • Guarantees of full customer satisfaction and on-time delivery with all work we provide
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